GDPR and Privacy Statement according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (679/2016).

Created on 18.10.2017. Updated on 15.3.2024.


1. The name of the registry

The customer and marketing registry of ITify Finland Oy.


2. Registrar

ITify Finland Oy
Business ID: 2774209-8
Postal address: P.O. Box 55, 00811 Helsinki, Finland


3. The contact person in registry and data protection related issues

Siim Heinaste, tel. +358 10 508 1490,


4. The basis for the handling of personal data

The personal data is handled for upholding the customer relations and for marketing, news letters, billing and accounting.

The basis for the handling of personal data are person’s consent, contract, the requirements of law and the legitimate interest of registrar for establishing a customer relations before signing the contract.


5. The personal data gathered

The following personal data is gathered and stored in the registry: person’s name, title, e-mail address, phone number and the name, business ID, contact information and additional information required for offering the services of the company, represented by the person in question. No delicate personal data is handled nor stored in the registry.


6. The sources of data

The data stored in the registry is received either from the customer via communication devices, by the contact form or news letter order sent by the customer; by social media and from different public sources, such as the customer’s web page or LinkedIn pages. Some data concerning the company is also receifed from different public registries, such as e-invoicing information.


7. The storage term

The personal data is stored at least three years from last customer contact (for instance contacting the customer via phone or e-mail, sending an offer or signing a contract). In cases where legislation requires the longer storage time (such as invoicing and accounting), the minimum storage time mandated by the law is applied.


8. Automated profiling and decision-making

No personal data is used for automated profiling and decision-making.


9. The transfer of data to third parties

The personal data in the registry (such as e-mail address and name) can be transferred for sending news letters to the Finland-based news letter services offering company.


10. The transfer of data outside EU or EEA

The personal data is handled and stored in different cloud-based services (such as Dropbox, Hubspot, Office 365), the servers of which may be located outside EU and EEA.


11. The protection of the registry

The registy is protected by a password and is accessible only by the employees of ITify Finland Oy.


12. The right to check the data and to demand the removal of data from the registry

The customer has right to check their personal data in the registry and demand at any time the editing of removal of the data from the registry. In order to use this right the customer must contact the contact person of the registry.