Some examples of our software projects


Our development team has participated in numerous software development projects. Here we present some of the work we have participated in:



Software for graphic design

Industrial labels, graphic design, printing industry


This browser-based and easy-to-use software can be used for designing business cards, staff cards, flyers, address labels, sticker labels and lots of more. The drafts and ready-made designs are stored in a database, the software automatically produces a PDF print file, that can be sent to the printing store as is.

The built-in ISO 7010 pictogram library and versatile bar code generator (30+ most used 1D and 2D barcodes, such as Code 128, DataMatrix and QR code) allows the software to be used for designing various labels, stickers, signs and plaques. The address labels and stickers can be printed locally, the software supports most label printers, such as Brother and Epson.

Some of the benefits of the software: the possibility to design business cards, staff cards, labels etc. in-house bring cost savings; it is possible to manage and print the designed items centrally; the browser-based and platform-independent software will make the employees work easier as there is no need to install any proprietary design software of label printer manufacturers.

Some of the technologies used:

Bootstrap   PHP   JavaScript   jQuery



Resource management and booking system

Car and holiday lodging rentals, car wash services, hairdressers, service industry in general


This powerful and easy-to-use browser-based booking system gives the customers an easy way to make and manage their bookings. The system supports iCalendar file format, which enables the seamless integration with Outlook and Google calendars, so that the new bookings can be seen in employee’s smartphone as soon as they are made.

Some of the benefits of the software: the management of resources and respective bookings is simplified by a great deal; the possibility to charge for the services when making a reservation helps to reduce the amount of cancellations.

Some of the technologies used:

Bootstrap   PHP   JavaScript   jQuery



Enterprise resource planning system

Environmental consultations industry


The ERP system developed for an environmental consulting business brought the customer significant cost savings already during the first year of use. The implementation consisted in addition to CRM, order and billing modules the system integrations to external data systems.



Ordering and stock management system

B2B and B2C sales


The ordering and stock management software was developed for a company that sells IT and printing supplies.



Customer relationship management system

Debt collection


A CRM system developed for a debt collection bureau.



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